Privacy Policy

Last modified: July 27, 2012 (see archived versions)

You can use our services in many ways, both to search and share information and to communicate with other users or to create new content. When you share data with us (for example, when you create a Google account), we can further improve these services to show you relevant search results and ads and help you get in touch with other users or share more quickly and easily. As a user of our services, we want to inform you clearly about how we use your data and how you can protect your privacy.

This Privacy Policy describes:

  • what data we collect and the purposes for which we carry out its collection,
  • how we use that data,
  • the options we offer, including how to access and update the data.

Although we have tried to provide a description as simple as possible, if you are not familiar with key terms such as 'cookies', 'IP address', 'visit counters' and 'browser', check this page to find out the meaning before continuing . Your privacy is important to Google, so regardless of whether you are a new user or an advanced user, we recommend that you read our policy and get in touch with us if you have any questions.