About us

Welcome to the Web of BICIS LÓPEZ, Shop of sale and repair of bicycles and great variety of accessories and spare parts. The quality of the service is one of the most important parameters of our company, which implies an improvement and constant innovation of the products we offer, with a price and competitive quality, oriented to our customers, we also offer the best selection of brands and Suppliers with the maximum guarantee of their products.)

Main Values

We know that having the right advice at the right time, is what we try to give, above all, to our customers. We strive to attract the best professionals; Our structure and processes are designed to maximize your skills and experience.>

This website is our commitment to new technologies to improve quality and speed communication with our regular customers and with those who will be in the near future. We are dedicated to providing a careful service, we have a highly qualified and experienced staff that will guide you on the right service you need.

Our brands and providers