Welcome to Bicis Lopez website. Here you can find everything related to the world of bicycles. We can advise you, clear out your doubts or help you in whatever you need. We have bicicles, spare parts, accesories, equipment... Besides, in our workshop, you can repair and maintain your bike so everytime you need it its ready to go.


We perform almost any type of repair and maintenance of your bike. All prices are set by the Catalunya Bicycle Traders Guild. Here you can see in detail a list of all the repairs we carry out with their prices. We also mount suspensions and disc brakes.


Second hand

We regularly have bicycles and other components. If you do not find what you need tell us and we will try to get it as soon as possible.

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"In our store you can buy any bike model within the brands we distribute as Qüer, WST, Conor, Mendiz, Kross, Montana. You can also mount bikes on demand, according to the needs, tastes and level you want.

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We finance your purchases up to 12 months without interest.